Sensoren im TURBOLADER

Analysis, description, optimization, and digitization of industrial processes

Are your processes already described as to recognize optimizations and subsequently to acquire the readyness to digitize the processes?

Are these processes designed to depict them in your current or future systems and thereby handle them correctly and usually autonomously?

With our analysis tools, you get an evaluation of the current status as a starting point and the independent support to develop yourself further.

Projectmanagement, -planning, -contolling

Do you need a professional project management with the project controlling to ensure the success of the project and to provide the corresponding evidence?

With our knowledge in project management, you guide the projects to precalculated success.

Analysis of productportfolios

What is the position of your or your customers product in the product life cycle and do you know their contribution margin?

With this analysis, you recognize options for action for the further development of your company.

Strategy consulting and implementation support

You have defined your vision, mission, values and goals. Do you have capacity enough to meet the strategy and the associated measures and actions?

Our broad experience in strategy implementation supports you to realize your way.

Member of the board

Are you looking for a board member who is familiar with the processes and procedures of a productive company?

Due to the versatile occupational development and many years of experience in operative management functions, we offer an additional external point of view for your company.

Providing coaching services to executive directors and operational managers

Are you looking for an independent, external sparring partner, who sometimes thinks out «of the box» and challenges you?

Newly combined knowledge from our extensive network shows you new solution possibilities.